PC Maintenance

An evaluation and diagnostics is done on your computer to   improve the performance of your computer either through software or hardware upgrades.  

Virus Removal

Viruses can cause a lot of frustration. In today's technology world there are a lot of bad guys out there trying to make your life   difficult. Has your computer become extremely slow? Lost internet   connection. Always getting pop-ups while on the internet? Most likely your   computer is infected. 

Networking support

Many home users and businesses require different kinds of network setups. There are wireless or cable networks. We have experience in both. Contact us  today to get your network setup. Even if you already have your network but often have connection issues we can help you. We can help you maintain consistency, save time and money.    

Managed Online backup and data recovery

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Computer Training

Software is always changing. Just when a person gets the software figured out, an update comes out. Then there is a new learning curve. We strive to stay on top of  the latest software and technology. Contact us today to provide you with   software or computer training.

New PC's, Laptops and Accessories

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